Saturday Serene: Incredulous Life: Set of Haikus

Incredulous life

Raindrops soaked by hungry earth

Barren lies the pond


Wise old oak tree stands

Dark clouds cover blazing sun

Old wisdom wasted


Hear raindrops falling

Stream rushing to meet river

Exuberant life


Wildflowers in bloom

Gently blows the evening breeze

Serene night beckons


Behold the silence

Deep beneath boiling magma

Unsuspecting world


Friday Freebies: Do You Hear: Set of Haikus

Gurgling waterfalls

Silent raindrops washed away

Distant sea calling


Birds chirping in joy

Happy melodies floating

Spring is in the air


Distant bells ringing

Happily grazes the sheep

Wolves guarding the herd


Call to the faithful

Call to arms to spread hatred

Smell of blood in air


Bombs exploding loud

Armageddon beckoning

As Nero fiddles


Rainbow melodies

Merging in monochrome white

A song beautiful


Dear God in heaven

Never one better than earth

Peace bell ringing loud