Don’t fill your hearts
With so much venom
That your own blood
Is poisoned
Don’t cover your eyes
With such tinted glasses
That you have only
Tainted vision
Don’t fill your brain
With thoughts of revenge
That you stop thinking
Uplifting thoughts
Don’t fill your mind
With filth and garbage
That you become oblivious
To truth

Open up your heart
Take off the shades
Clear your brain
Let the mind explore
Engage, not biased
Let truth and peace prevail
Expel the venom
Lest you destroy yourselves

Strangers but Friends

I seen the world
Stranger’s eyes
Eyes that I have not seen
Never met
But they have become my friendly guides
Lands and oceans, mountains and valleys
I have travelled through their eyes
Ever thankful that from the comfort of my home
I have travelled far and wide
Thank you my friends
Let the words flow
Even if we never meet
Know that the bond is strong
Your words speak to me
In a way that my eyes
Will never be able to see
Before the inevitable happens
And my words stop
Let me say loud and clear
Thankful ever
To meet you all
Your words enlighten me
An education that is free
Knowledge I shall cherish
Strangers you are, true
But I shall never have
Friends better than thee

Dedicated to all my blogger friends, even to those that I may not see eye to eye.

A Milestone : 200 Posts

When I thought about writing something for today’s Saturday Six Minute Challenge, I did not have anything specific in mind. Before this post, I already posted two items today, one poem(Defective Medium Called Religion) and one limerick (The Brothers Dream), and those took definitely more than six minutes to write. I must have fulfilled the requirements of the six minute challenge by that time. As soon as I posted the limerick, I got updated by WordPress that I have made my 200th posts to my blog.  Wow! I have not been keeping track of my stats for few weeks, being awfully busy at work.  So it came as a pleasant surprise.  I started blogging from Dec 15, 2015.  I am assuming this must be good progress.  I will take quality over quantity anytime, except when it is a matter of money. Regarding money, if I win a mega-million or powerball lottery, I will  take as much money as those lotteries will give. Or whenever I visit Las Vegas or Reno, I will take as much as those one eyed bandits will spill out. But till now I am only giving to them.  Even in case of money, I do have some standards. I will stay away from all those hollywood glorified stories of blood money.  But I digress. You, my dear readers, are the ones to judge the quality of my writing.  I do crave for your comments, both positive or negative but constructive. Positive, for those few minutes of high that this teetotaler experiences from those likes and comments.  Negative but constructive to ensure that I can better myself to have more of those high moments.

Phew! I must have done more than my six minutes even excluding the pizza break. Wishing you all a very nice and happy weekend, here is to my 20oth post.

200 post


SaturdaySixMinuteChallenge sponsored by Writerish Ramblings

Love, Broken Hearts and Remedies

I am not an expert on any of the above three.  Never had the time and luxury to fall in love before marriage and may be I was not that attractive to the opposite sex to fall in love with me anyway.  I am glad that I did not fall, because it must be painful from all the broken heart posts that I have been reading recently. Hey, if you fall you are going to hurt yourself. If you hurt yourself, it is going to be painful. What’s so unique about that. So why all these sob stories. Now let me confess that never having Biology as a subject during my schooldays, I am completely ignorant if a heart can break or not if you fall.  I do know as part of my general knowledge that heart is a muscle and that too the largest or one of the largest muscles in the body.  I also know that muscles can be extended or torn with severe pain as a result.  But can they break as compared to bones? A fall few years back resulted in a broken bone in my right hand ( later I came to know that it was the humerus bone), the end result of which was severe pain, immobility and physical therapy for several months. So I am well acquainted with pain  due to fall and thank God that I did not fall in love. I can now legitimately call myself an expert in fall, broken bones and resulting pain. But falling in love and breaking one’s heart? Hmmm!

My better half occasionally says that I am heartless, you may have guessed the circumstances when it would be said. I have learnt my lessons early on not to oppose that statement.  With time I was convinced that I must not have had a heart. Otherwise, if I had a heart, why didn’t I fall in love and experienced the pain of heartbreak. Everybody else that I knew had at least one sob story of a heartbreak and associated pains. Of course all these stories normally come out after a few drinks and well away from the earshot of their spouses. So I had always taken them with a grain of salt. I always used to consider myself as the lucky one as I didn’t have to go through that pain and suffering.  But my good days were not going to continue for long. During regular yearly physical examinations a few years back, my doctor cautioned me that if I do not exercise caution in my indulgence of the good things in life, I am going to end up with a heart attack soon.  What, me? The guy who is heartless? How can I have a heart attack? Why does good tidings have to come with bad omen? Now I know that I have a heart, as vouched for by my doctor who has a M.D. from a reputed medical school, but also warned that I may have a heart attack. So I may feel the pain without ever falling in love. What absurdity! Life’s not fair indeed.  On the sunny side, whenever my better half now says I am heartless, I tell proudly, “you are not a doctor, I do have a heart”. Of course, before I say that I make sure that my exit route is clear. It’s never wise to back up to a corner.

Now that I have established that I have a heart and I am a legitimate expert in fall and pain, it behooves me all the more to explore the subject matter of this post. All the people can’t be wrong that falling in love can result in heartbreak and significant pain. What are the remedies? It can be like those whose only remedy for birth control is abstinence. But how can that be a remedy. Because if you don’t fall, then you don’t break and don’t need any remedy. What will happen to all the heart doctors and therapists? I do not want to be accused of creating unemployment.  Just imagine all the miseries created by heartbreaks, all the drinks that are sold to soothe broken hearts and the resulting medical bills, all the poems penned by lovelorn poets, all the romantic movies with happy and sad endings and millions and millions of hours lost wallowing in heartbroken miseries . I shudder to think of the repercussions of prescribing abstinence. It will be an upheaval. Good lord! I will be pro choice rather than pro life in this case. Yes, more choice to all those who want to fall in love. You can fall in love as many times as you can but do not seek your remedy in drinks when you break your heart as advised by my friend Duc Nguyen-I Do And I Don’t Think I Do . I will rather pay heed to the comment of Doc Flamingo to that post. Now don’t get me wrong. I love Duc’s poetry, it is that I have an aversion to addiction. Too much of a good thing including love and drinks can also be addictive and that’s what scares me. Then what is the remedy? Well, it is said that the antidote to snake bite is snake venom.  So antidote to love must be love.  Love, love and more love. My good friend, Paul runs a blog on Love Talk.  I should ask him for expert advice as I have already confessed I am not an expert. But I have experienced pain of falling and I do not want anybody to experience pain of falling in love, subsequent heartbreak  and associated misery. As Jacqueline said in one of her recent posts,acookingpotandtwistedtales , “Life lived dancing to the tunes of misery wears out the soul living it”, it does one no good to wallow on the misery of heartbreak. So here is my remedy. Go out to the world, open your heart to the world, spread your love and let love heal your wound and fix your broken hearts as I advocated in my poem Broken Heart today.

The idea of this post came today morning for a post for Saturday Six Minute Challenge sponsored by Writerish Ramblings. It became much longer than six minutes as I crossed a small milestone today. I was notified that I have now 200 followers, 201 to be precise. I thought that to celebrate I need to post something more substantive than six minutes rambling. This is the result. Hope my readers’ love or lack thereof does not result in a heartbreak for me, as my remedy is not yet field tested or FDA approved.


Of Awards, Acceptance,Apprehension

Statutory Rambling Warning : Proceed at your own peril. Author not responsible for your wasted time.

I started blogging on December 15, 2015.  In these three and half months of blogging, I have been nominated by few fellow bloggers for a  handful of awards. Till now I had shied away from accepting any awards.  Let me come clean why.  I am very superstitious. I did not want to jinx my odds of winning the Nobel Prize for literature by accepting any awardsNoblePrize Literature at the start of my writing career. As my fellow believers in luck and destiny will understand, when you gamble always go for the big fish. So why waste my luck accepting the small blogging awards?  This year, anyway, luck has not been smiling on me as far as winning anything. All my $1 and $2 investments in Megamillion and Powerball lottery are going to waste.  I have nothing to show for my efforts. Now that I have confessed to my reason for not accepting any blogging awards, let me go into a little more detail.

When at the beginning of my blogging career I started being nominated for a few awards, I thought people must be joking or it was just the euphoria and camaraderie shown by my fellow blogmates of Blogging 101 class to help out one of their fellow bloggers. So much to having confidence in one’s own ability. I owe it to my friends Head and Heart blabbing(Hira)Nerdsakhi,timelesswheel and paulpablo24 for their encouragement. Few of the awards from this time was Blogger Recognition Award, LovelyblogawardVersatile Blogger Award, Creative Blogger Award and One Lovely Blog Award.  All these awards came with an escape clause that I am free to accept the award or not.  Please do not get me wrong, I liked the awards. Who in their right minds will not like being recognized by their peers but something hold me back from accepting the awards. Though I thanked all my friends individually, I did not take part in fulfilling the requirements of accepting the awards. Maybe I was apprehensive about writing my “acceptance speech” or about answering the questions that were an inherent part of these awards.  I was just hoping that once Blogging 101 class was over and as time passed by, no more awards would be forthcoming. Alas! I was wrong. It slowed down for sure but still showed up from time to time.

Recently I was nominated for a few awards like the Versatile Blogger Award, Creative Blogger Award and One Lovely Blog Award by timelesswheel,palfitness and The World Beyond Sight. Again, I acknowledged my friends individually but hold myself back from formally accepting the awards. Then at the beginning of the week I was nominated for the Liebster Award by Mysticalwriter. I realized that I can no longer hide behind my ambition LiebsterAwardof winning the Nobel Prize and need to come clean.  I wrote a long comment to Mysticalwriter and waited with baited breath for the response. For a few days there was nothing and I was apprehensive that I was going to get a scathing response. Then yesterday I got back a positive comment. That and a blogpost from acookingpotandtwistedtales today about Keeping It Real made me write this post and explain my reluctance or apprehension about accepting awards.  I will be borrowing from my comments to Mysticalwriter going forward in this post.

Thanks to all my friends for nominating me for all these award. I am indebted to you but now I am panicked. I have a fear of awards. Is “Awardophobia” a word? Does not seem so as I see the red squiggly line below the word. So I have to either invent it or break it up in two to Award Phobia.
I love the anonymity of the blogosphere. Allows me to hide my pot bellied, BMI fatmanandcomputerchallenged, receding hairline, wrinkled face, toothless grin self very nicely behind my words. Now you are trying to strip away that security by nominating me for all these awards. So let’s make a deal ( Am I sounding like Trump, oh dear!). I will visit all the bloggers you nominated ( no intention of visiting my own blog) and befriend them. I hope I am not shooting myself on my foot. Also I will try to answer the questions you asked to the best of my ability. Hope that will relieve me of writing the dreaded acceptance speech. So here goes.

1. What would you do if you got $50000?
>>> Pay my due taxes and the remainder to my kids’ college fund. Buys brownie points with the govt and my better half.
2. What is it that makes you unique?(Any three things)
>>> Oh dear. This is a tough one. Is anything under the sun unique any more. So with the risk of repeating here they are:
i) I am not a female.
ii) I am not a teenager
iii) I do not know what I am
3. What is your favourite colour? why?
>>> Yellow. Because I am a coward to accept the award.
4.What is your favourite number? Why?
>>> Number 9. That’s a secret.
5.Can you leave your country if you’ll get better future promises in any other country and settle down there.
>>> Already did. What a redundant question.
6.Arranged or Love marriage- preference?
>>> At this age do I have choice? Give me a break.
7.Success or Family- more important?
>>> family success.
8.Pet lover or hater?
>>> This one is easy. Why all the questions could not be like this? Definitely pet lover. Been one all my life.
9. What is your favorite thing to do?
>>> Except blogging ?
10.Your favorite place to go to?
>>> Bed.
11. Sports? Yes or No? Who & What?FootballGladiators
>>>Yes. Gladiator. Russel Crowe.
Wait, that’s a movie.
So the modern age gladiators – NFL. No brainer. They all lose their brains sometime
or other after all those concussions anyway.
12. Advice for new bloggers
>>> Stay away. Seriously. Get a life.
13. How did you start your blog?
>>> Pushed by my better half who must already be resenting her push by now.
14. Five facts about yourself.
>>> Already answered three of them in #2 above. I have to ask my better half for the other two responses. She being the better half must know it better than me. At least she thinks so.

Phew! Done at last.  Never written such a long post, except may be for my high school essays.  That’s why I keep to writing poems. Now that I have come clean, I hope my dear readers (if you have the patience to read this far), you will not judge me harshly. I hope I made the grades. No “D” and “F” please.

Off to tax preparation before I have to confront the worse half!

SaturdaySixMinuteChallenge3-26-16  (Became much longer than six minutes)

Disclaimer: If I forgot to mention any names or awards, it is due to my old age. I am not to be blamed.


Not even the dead will be safe from the enemy, if he is victorious. And this enemy has not ceased to be victorious.- Walter Benjamin


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