California Buckeye- Local Flora – Stay at home stroll – 11

This is a series about the neighborhood flowers and flowering trees that I saw and enjoyed on my walk in the neighborhood during the stay at home months.  Many of the flowers I don’t know much about and depend on Google lens to get a name.  If there are mistakes, apologize for my ignorance.

From a distance, when they are in full bloom it looks like a tree full of orchids.  Mildly scented, during spring the tree suddenly comes to life and is a sight to behold.  As the name suggest, these are California natives but I have not seen these trees in any ones gardens in the area. May be because these trees become brown and barren during the summer months people do not like to plant them in their gardens. I have seen many of these by the creek side and by some hiking trails in the locality. 


stayathomestroll11-2 (2)

the beautiful damsel

swaying her long braids

entices the mendicant 

till he breaks

A Rose is a rose