Nature Cry

As the blazing sun

Dips its toes

Into the emerald blues,

Nary a cloud

On the pure blue sky,

As the larks head home

For the night,

Do you hear 

The sound of silence,

As a gleeful

Nature sings.

Nature sings,

As its self professed

Best of the best,

Keep themselves confined 

To their homes,

Scared of the tiniest unseen,

Nature heals.

Nature heals

Of the sacrileges heaped,

Cleansing slowly

Accumulated garbages

From time immemorial,

Nature sings.

Nature sings,

Do you hear

Nature sing?

Listen carefully,

It may be fleeting.

Sure as sun will rise

In the east,

So will we.

Enjoy the pristine

While you can.

Oh ye of short memories,

We are born

To destroy

All that is pure and free.

We never heard

Nature cry.

Footprint on sand

Does being born
Enslave us
To a life forlorn
In the quest of
Leaving a footprint
On sand
We dance and sing
To the tune
Of puppeteer(s) unknown
To be remembered
After we are gone
We happily accept
The crown of thorn
And make a mockery of
Of others
And our own
©Pranab Sarma, 2018


This poem started as a comment to Will I Make HeadLine News ( Sweet Aroma)

Sing&Peace:Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Poetry Prompt Challenge 185

Sunset comes at last
Peace reigns as safari ends
Wildlife will sing now

The featured image photo was taken by the author on December 22, 2017 at the end of a jeep safari at Kaziranga National Park (KNP) in Assam, India
Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge 185

Broken Heart

Don’t you try to fix  broken heart
Don’t you put some healing balm
Don’t you try to run away
Don’t you cry alone

Don’t you try to drown your sorrows
Drinking whisky and rum
All you get is nasty hangover and
Headache to kingdom come

Broken Heart will not heal
You will be left to mourn alone
Better to start afresh
Let bygone be bygone

Open your heart to the world
Let the light shine
Broken Heart may not heal
But it will learn to sing again

Let love flow like a river
From high above the mountain
Let love heal broken heart
Whole world will be your own

Don’t cry for your broken heart
Whatever happened has happened
Step out to a whole new world
Love will heal your heart of old.