Story of the Broken Umbrella

Cold damp rainy day
With a bubbly in my hand
Reminiscing about the good old days
My eyes drifted towards the corner
An old broken umbrella
Leaning against the wall
What could have been
Those glorious days
Side by side we walked
Umbrella in my hand
Shading my beloved from
Sun or rain
One moment of chivalry
Turned into a life of misery
When I offered the umbrella
To the beautiful siren walking by
Clothes clinging to her body
Thoroughly drenched in rain
Nine stitches on my head
And my broken umbrella
Is the only memento I have
To ruminate about my ex
On a bleak rainy day


This poem is in response to the poet’s billow – April Poetry Month Day 1: Write a poem about a thunderstorm without using the words rain, thunder, or lightning.

Wind howling over the roof
Like shrill banshee of a siren
Black, ominous clouds pierced by burst of
Electric blue yellow rays
Bursting ominous sounds like cannon fire follow
A sulphurous smell hangs heavy in the air
Windows rattled, straining against the hinges
To fly open and away
Trees bending down to touch the ground
Huge droplets of water
Clattering on wood shingles
Rivulet gurgling down the downspout
Soon the roads are flowing like a stream
Praying to the almighty to keep the power on
Gingerly climb down the stairs
With a lighted candle in my hand
Better to be safe than sorry
The strength, the beauty
What a marvellous display of
Nature’s fury

This poem is in response to the poet’s biillow – April Poetry Month Day1