The Hidden Pain

the pain drips slowly

as the words flow smooth
deep down is solace
things will change
may be for the better
while remaining same
serenly flows the river
hiding pent up frustration
till the banks overflow
mayhem ensues
words do not soothe anymore
alter of greed
to be cleansed
by blood of the innocents
while Nero fiddles
everything burns
sychophants out in hordes
looking for scapegoats
years change as do
place and time
alas, everything remains
the same
the river flows serene
carrying in its bossom
the hidden pain
Till it erupts


Trying to buck the trend, we

Meekly observe from a distance

As muddy torrents crest the banks

Submerging and defiling

Everything being touched

Shed a few drops of tears

A few words to console


Tuck our tails

And lick our wounds


Meeks shall inherit the world

We move

In search of higher grounds

Misfits we all

Faith, Creation and Creator

Rose is a rose
By any other name
Creator, not sanctioned by
One’s own faith
Why is not the same

Losing our faith
We stopped seeking
Finding solace in miracles
Allowing us to be fooled
By afterlife’s dreams

Lured by promise
Of redeeming our souls
Of a heaven unseen
We sold ourselves
Committing the original sin

Peddlers of faith
Conquered and plundered
In the name of the creator
Rained unspeakable destruction
Offer us salvation

Where did we go wrong
We all of different faith
Enjoy the same creation
But with daggers drawn
Defend our creator’s name

Manipulated by the unscrupulous
Mortgaging our brains
We dance, celebrating division
In our creator’s name
Who says creator not the same

Missing Commandments

I was browsing the
Ten Commandments
For some solace
During these turbulent times
And realized it’s missing a few
Thou shalt not tweet
To spew venoms
Thou shalt not talk
If every time you speak
You put your foot
In your mouth
In that case
Please do us a service
Leave the tweeting to the birds

If only I could remember
That twelfth commandment
During verbal joustings
With my spouse
Life would be beautiful
Instead of going through the day
With a slouch