Wedding, bringing two lives together
Wonderfully unaware of the journey ahead
While dreaming in rainbow colors
Wide exciting world to be explored
Wedding vows to remain faithful for ever
Willingly promising to take care of each other
With hearts fluttering
Whispering sweet nothings in each other’s ears
Woefully unprepared for the pitfalls lying ahead
Winningly handsome couple in their
Wedding dress, luxuriant beyond belief that
Will be worn only for that one day
Walking around mingling with the guests
Who are happy for the couple
Wishing them all the best for a happy and prosperous
Wedded life
While enjoying a sumptuous spread
Wholesome or not, forgetting the calories for a day
We, the guests, are just happy to be a part of the
Wonderful wedding day
Why bother what lies ahead
When we can leave all
Worries behind for a day and
Welcome the newly
Wedded couple to a
Wonderful life together for ever

Write Anything Wednesday-March 16

Week 7 of My Fifty Two Weeks Journey with “W”



Abundance of Asses, Sorry Ss

A play of words starting with the alphabet “S”

Sleepy Saturday
Slowly sifting to
Sunny Saturday
Slow flowing stream
Suddenly surging swiftly
Swamped by abundant rain
Stock market is closed
STREET swindlers on Sabbath
Simple souls getting a break
Swindling is stopped for the day
Stove top grill for a
Sumptuous meal
Shaking off
Slumbering lethargy for a
Speedy stroll by the bay
School is off
Submitted all assignments
Sure to enjoy a
Swinging Saturday