Morning Hike in our Lovely Neighborhood

Nature’s bounty in full bloom captured during a morning hike.

It was another beautiful
Morning in paradise
Out for a walk with my lady love
My best buddy tagging along
Just for a ride

Morning sun with its
Golden light
Shining bright
Peacock sunrise
Peeking through the trees
What a lovely sight

Mischievous El Nino
Playing hide and seek
Rains had done its wonders
Nature blooming with early spring
In this glorious day
All thoughts of
The current seekers
Of the president’s chair
Out of the way
Stop on my track often
Here and there
My buddy ran
His sensory organs
Needed to be satisfied
Internal database replenished
With sweet smell of
Fresh morning grass
Here and there he
Had to leave his mark
Waiting patiently
For his human
To pick up his muck

Oh, What a lovely day
In our corner of the world
Our lovely neighborhood
Blessed by nature’s bounty
To have a morning hike

All photos taken by the author during his morning hike on President’s Day, 2016




Everything good and beautiful in nature is free to be shared.

My friend shared a picture
Beautiful sunrise over the lake
Wish I was there

Could not reciprocate
Our sun was hiding
Dark rain clouds
Ominous and brooding

Another day,another morning
Rain clouds are gone
Glorious sunrise
Bright and warm

Nature’s reminder
We may not all be there, but
Everything good, everything beautiful
Is free to share


Last Sunrise of the Year

Sun does not distinguish between rich and poor in spreading its light and warmth. We should also spread the good wishes for New Year to everyone.

Last Sunrise of the Year

Gentle, golden rays
Of the last sunrise
Of the year
Peeping through the shades
Cajoles me
Rise and prepare
To greet the New Year

I question the
Golden rays
Sun is not new
Rises every day
What’s new in a
New Year

With a wink
Twinkling, golden rays
Smiles and say
Sun is steady
But the earth revolves
Every sunrise is a new day
As the earth
Completes the circle
Comes the
New Years Day

Golden rays paused
And said
Sun shines on
The rich and the poor
The old and the young
Healthy and infirm
Humans and animals
Makes no distinction
So rise
Spread the good wishes
All around
New Years celebration
Not for the rich alone
Poor and the downtrodden
Have the rights
For hope and celebration

So here is to wish
A Happy New Years to all
Peace be on earth
Joy, happiness and health
To everyone
Welcome 2016
Ring the bell.