Wildflowers blooming and spreading a carpet of colors
Innate beauty hiding struggle for survival against all odds
Long hot summer days and harsh cold winter nights they suffer
Dormant most of the year waiting for mother nature’s care
Flowers resplendent in their praise for the celestial gardener
Life is short, not much loved but little do they care
Over and over like the phoenix they will come back to life
Wildfires burn them down but they have spread their seeds far and wide
Enigmatic and eternal is the story of their fight to survive
Reduced to ashes but rejuvenate, recuperate and returns back to life

Week 20 of My Fifty Two Weeks Journey with “W”

Write anything Wednesday June-15-2016

Tragedy of a Stray: Why can’t I have my Own Human

A stray dog’s plea to be with its own human.

No father, nor mother
Born on the street.
Never had a home,
Survival a daily struggle. Continue reading “Tragedy of a Stray: Why can’t I have my Own Human”