Oh genie, where art thou

In a month’s time it’s time for the wedding
No, not mine, my old country I am visiting
But the happy occasion is turning to a bad dream
My better half wants to see me fit and thin
To the store she goes and shirts she brings
That are not for me but for people trim and slim
I can fit into those only in my dream
Every ounce of my body fat is shamed and screams
Oh, how I have dreamt of good food and sweets
Now it will only turn to month long fight to be fit
Madly I hope my bottle of water will turn to a magic drink
One gulp of the magic potion and voila, I shrink
With sinking hurt and a feeling of doom, the slim fit shirts I button
Over the protest of my tortured body and protruding belly button
Dread the day when one extra sweet and my shirt flies open
Oh genie, where art thou when I need the thinning boon
Pants, that’s for another time
Time to get up from my rear end
And get my drink of water and lime
Lest I am stuck to the chair, unable to bend


Waistline, how do we hate your growth
Ample waistline definitely do we loath
In a world where being thin is in
Slim fast is always in our dream
Tough it is to reduce once you grow
Love handles do not evoke love you know
Insurmountable pain we endure to reduce
Not knowing what other ailments your growth will induce
Everyday I end up only drinking juice

Waistline of mine
Will you ever stop growing

Week 22 of My Fifty Two Weeks Journey with “W”

Write anything Wednesday June-29-2016