Tears of a Rosebud

The damsel waits,
For the long winter night to end, and
The warm embrace from
Her beloved,
To make her blossom,
With nature’s gift, to
Debut her beauty, and
Her sweet fragrance, that
Will attract her suitor, her
Nectar, effervescent, ready to spill.

Alas, the night dragged on, and
Cold hand of winter touches with
A deathly kiss, as
She wraps her tightly to
Avoid the chill,
Morning comes, cold and wet,
Her beloved hides behind the clouds.

First winter showers
Run down her cheeks,
As she cries for what
Could have been,
Spring is just a distant dream,
This bud won’t bloom,
Her gardener won’t come,
She cries, as
Death looms.

Photo by author in his garden today(12/12/20) morning.

Marching Song of the Sloths

This poem started as a tongue in cheek comment to a post Turning by  Ritu Bhathal(butismileanyway) yesterday. She was kind enough to respond back with two smiling emojis (two of them, not one, just think of it), so I thought why not post the comment as a poem in my blog.  I decided to sleep on it and before I knew Thursday turned to Friday.  Before we go to the weekend, here it is.

A mountain far away,
Distant fire on a
Cold winter’s night,
Pursue at your own peril,
They recede as you approach,
So heed the wise,
Why leave the comfort
Of a warm bed?
Nike is not going to pay you
To just do it😊


Winning is everything, it is the name of the game
In competition for fun and not to win is lame
Not willing to compete to win, you are not a man
Nothing matters if you do not win, second best is not the same

Insane are those who sacrifice happiness to win at all cost
Not realizing what they are losing till everything is lost
Glad to compete and win but still be happy even if second best

Winning isn’t everything, it is not the name of the game
Wake up in the morning and happy to start a
Wonderfully warm welcoming worthy day and wishing you the same

Week 23 of My Fifty Two Weeks Journey with “W”

Write anything Wednesday July-06-2016

Week 12 of My Fifty Two Weeks Journey with “W”

It has become a habit of late to scan the news headlines on my cell phone first thing in the morning. One news caught my eyes today, captioned “2016 already on track to be the hottest year on record”. As if 2015 was not enough. We humans must be perfecting the science of barbecuing the earth very quickly. With crude prices staying low, this summer may certainly see more cars on the road contributing to another record heat in 2017.  Do the big auto companies have a hand in keeping the crude prices low so that they can sell as much as they can produce the big behemoth gas guzzlers and pad their bank accounts? Conspiracy theorists definitely should check that angle.

It is not that I do not like the heat. It gives me the perfectly legitimate excuse to ignore all the yard work :  “Honey, do you want me to have a sun stroke?”. And just imagine the beach scenery, all those scantily clothed perfectly sculpted bodies for the voyeuristic pleasures of the BMI challenged beach whales.  Please note, I am being completely gender neutral here. So do not point the finger at me for gender discrimination. As the poet said ” A thing of beauty is a joy forever”, and I always see beauty in nature. What a waste it is if one is trying to show off and nobody notices and compliments. Ah, just imagining being on the beach on a hot summer day is filling my body and mind with a warm pleasure. Should raid the fridge for a chilled beverage to cool off. Ahha! should also look at the stocks of companies dealing in those chilled beverages. As the mercury rises, those stocks may be hot also. Who knows, I may just be the lucky one to strike a hot streak.

With so much discussion about heat and warm weather, my choice for a word for my poem starting with the letter “W” for “Week 12 of my fifty two weeks journey” seems to be preordained. It’s got to be “Warm” or “Warmth”.  Off to searching for that chilled beverage. Once sufficiently cooled down and erased that image of the beach scenery, I will be back to write my poem. Till then, dear readers, I take your leave.


This post is in response to Write Anything Wednesday 4-20-2016 , Daily Post Community Event, organized by  Writerish Ramblings

Featured image and news headline reference from Japan Times – Yahoo News