Changes Inevitable – a set of haikus

Tree leaves turn green to amber
Changes natural

Cyclic seasons turn
Black to grey hairs turn, aging
Coloring futile

Enchanting rose blooms
Heavenly beauty withers
Fragrant memory

A sudden storm blows
Uproots strongest oak tree, dead
Nature impartial

Birth to death, cycle
Changes, process natural

Blank Stare

Pristine white, the blank stare
Unmoving, uncaring, backlit glare
Teasing and challenging, it’s a dare
My agony, it does not care

Defying me with an invisible sneer
To defile its blank virginity
With forceful strokes of the keys
Blank stare is driving me to insanity

Try as I might, screen remains blank
No dearth of ideas I suffer
Tempests of thoughts blowing a storm
In my mind, but still the screen remains bare

Does it matter what I do
Whether I caress the keys gently
Or let them fly in a crescendo
Whether the screen remains blank
Or I fill it end to end

Despondent, I try valiantly to quiet the storm
To channel the energy to my fingertips
Blank screen lights up with a smile
Winks and promises
Blank stare will be back tomorrow again