Friends will remain Friends

In our adolescence, we leave our homes to go to colleges and universities for higher studies.  For many of us that would be the first time staying away from home alone.  We make new friends, spend few years of our formative life together, graduate and then move out in search of our livelihood.  In old days, many a times, that was the last time we would meet or correspondance with friends that we spent years together.  Modern technology and social media is making it easier to track old friends whose memories we kept alive for years in our mind.  Alas, with time people change. Memories of distant past and present clash sometimes and produce unexpected results.

Poem below is my feeling about meeting groups of old classmates in social media after decades of being completely out of touch.  Those feelings may resonate with some of my readers.  Appreciate your feedback.

We have traversed distances long
Climbed mountains high
Savored the fruit of success Continue reading “Friends will remain Friends”

Scarred Heart Knows No Peace

Wounded heart yearns for peace
Constant duel between physical
And metaphysical
A losing battle for both
Preordained result
Time unknown
Physical organ valiantly
Keeps up the fight
Litany of drugs helping along
Stoic countenance disguising
Scars so deep
Inflicted by
Irrational bombardment of
Emotional radiation
While the physical wounds heal
Emotional pains inflicted
Scarred heart knows no peace