Week 6 of My Fifty Two Weeks Journey with “W”

Write Anything Wednesday

Yesterday was International Women’s Day. When I planned my vacation, that was not planned at all, I had scheduled to spend one day with my mother-in-law. At that time I had no idea about International Women’s Day.  I am happy that I had the opportunity to spend the day with an wonderful women yesterday.  My mother-in-law is a self taught person who had barely seen the inside of a formal school.  At a very early age she had to leave formal education and stay home to take care of her siblings after the unexpected death of her father. Married at seventeen, she raised five successful kids and with the encouragement of her husband completed her education. Married for fifty nine years, she lost her husband three years back.  Since then she is living alone independently learning new skills like managing personal finance, renters etc that used to be taken care of by my father-in-law.  She is a published writer writing in her mother tongue stories, articles and songs and very involved in her neighborhood community activities. As a tribute to her and International Women’s Day, the word I have chosen for week 6 of my fifty two weeks journey with letter “W” is “WOMEN”.


Wish I had the healing touch
With the power to heal
War torn miseries from this
World, like magic lifting the downtrodden
Wretched and tortured souls and deliver a
Wonderful, peaceful world for the people
With ample to share by one and all
Worry free and happy world
Where there would be no more poverty
Wanton mayhem and murders
Wickedness banished for ever
Woman,man and all races as equal partners
Will share and prosper together
Won't we be able to see a
World so beautiful that we all cherish
Willingly sacrifice to keep it nourished
World we will be proud to
Wander without fear of artificial borders
Where no checkpoints, walls and fences
Will keep us apart further
Wishing alone won't make this happen
Working together we stand a chance


Week 5 of my journey of a poem starting with letter “W”

Write Anything Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Week 5 of My Fifty Two Weeks Journey with “W”

Last week in my post for Week 4, I had mentioned that I may not have good internet connection during my travel and it proved to be true.  I wish that I have written my  blog and poem before and scheduled it for posting on Wednesday for Write Anything Wednesday.  Ah, wishes!  If wishes would have been horses….  Wait, I already have three words staring with the letter W for my poem.  Wishes, would, wait, oh and two more, words and with. Though I am not happy about being delinquent, I am happy that now I have a treasure chest of words to choose from.  Why be sad? Does not they say that if the world has given you a lemon, go sell it to others and make some money.  I, not being a good used car salesman, will leave that to the experts and confine myself to writing poem.  First I have to choose a word starting with the letter W and for week 5 I chose “WISH”.  Wish I could make some money from this lemon.

Write Anything Wednesday March 2, 2016


Worry about what we can do and not about what’s not in our hands.

Worry bug
Burrowing a hole
In my heart
Worry about
Everything under the sun
No rhyme and reason
Whatever may be the season
Mind in worry prison
Holding a gun
To my head
I try my best
Be worry free
Walk away from
What worries me
The worry bug
Silently and relentlessly
Burrows deep inside
Rooting through every vein
Peace and tranquility
Victims in pain
Deep fried brain
Trying its best
To signal
Distressed heart
Think about
What you control
Let worry worry about
What’s not in
Your hand


Week 4 of my journey of a poem starting with letter “W”

Write Anything Wednesday Feb 24

Week 4 of My Fifty Two Weeks Journey with “W”

As I prepare for my two and half weeks of vacation and travel, I realize that many a days during my trip I will have no connection to internet.  That means I may not be able to write and post at the last moment.  This was one preparation I never had to account for during my previous trip.  So one more item to add to the checklist before starting the trip. Oh, well!

For my week 4 of the journey with the letter “W”, I have appropriately chosen the word ” WORRY”.  As I worry about many details of preparation for the trip, including worrying for my health, I now need to worry about writing a poem starting with worry. That should be fun. To my readers, you need not worry.  I will ensure that I keep on my track and complete the journey. Now if I could only remember what I was worrying about. Let me take a brief break and figure out what’s worrying me.


Third week of my fifty two weeks journey of writing a poem starting with letter W

Why do we succumb
To our impulses
Wrecking havoc in our
Orderly life
Whims aplenty
Reasons unknown
We want to prove
That we can
Whatever we set
To do
What it does
To other
We do not bother
Never stop to think
What we do
May destroy others
Why, oh why
Heart rules over our head

Week 3 of My Fifty Two Weeks Journey with “W”

Sitting in a plane early Wednesday morning on a cross country flight to south. This is the first time I am writing anything on the air. No direct flight, I am flying northeast and then south to go southeast. I have seven hours at my disposal. Flight till now has been very turbulent but the turmoil inside my mind is worse. Wish I could sleep. By the time I will be able to post this, it will be late Wednesday. Should give me enough time to think about my third week into the  52 weeks journey of writing a poem starting with the letter W. For today’s word, I have selected the word WHY. And why not? I have to justify to myself why I am doing what I am doing. Now if only this turbulence would have stopped and allowed me to write peacefully. How long can I hold myself from the bathroom break? Why, oh why, we put ourselves through this misery of being packed liked sardines in a can?

This piece was written today morning during the first part of my seven hour flight with a stopover as part of Write Anything Wednesday

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Start of My Fifty Two Weeks Journey

Wednesday and that means Write Anything Wednesday. In my last Wednesday’s post I had talked about writing a poem every Wednesday that would start with a word starting with letter “W”. Today is the start of that fifty two weeks long journey. To start this journey, I have chosen one of the shortest and in my knowledge only two letter word starting with the letter W. Now I am no lexicographer, so my word is not the final authority. In all my years of playing scrabbles with my kids( Ah!, there I gave out some more pieces of information about me to the clouds), I have not come across any other two letter words starting with the letter W. Kids are expert in scrabbles, right? So I must be on solid grounds about my claim. As pronouns are not allowed to be used in scrabbles, I had lost that fight to the kids.

So without much ado, let me present my first starting word for my first poem of my fifty two week long journey. ” WE “. Why WE? Hope my poem will be able to answer that. Oh my! I have not started writing my poem yet. But the time zone that I live, I still have about nine and half hours left before Thursday rolls in. So I am in good shape. Time for a coffee break. Alas, I will be drinking alone while sharing my thoughts with y’all.


WRITERISH RAMBLINGS, Write Anything Wednesday,https://dailypost.wordpress.com/events/write-anything-wednesday/

Day Thirteen – Blogging 101 _ Write Anything Wednesday”

I have written about something, sometimes nothing, but anything? Is this Wacky Wednesday

“Write Anything Wednesday” – anything?
The freedom is exhilarating.
I am going to start writing,
Lest I miss the deadline of posting.
Don’t want to be caught napping. Continue reading “Day Thirteen – Blogging 101 _ Write Anything Wednesday””