Wind of Change:Week Thirty Three of My Fifty Two Weeks Journey with the Letter ” W”

Change is the only constant in life.  If one is caught unprepared when the wind of change hits, life can take a unwanted turn.  It is always better to expect change even though it may not always be possible to prepare for it.

Such was my case when I first moved to US.  Life suddenly took a sharp turn from a comfortable working life back in India to life of a graduate student in US and unexpected blessings of being a parent.  From those days of constant struggle, life had taken many turns.  Today we are faced with another change, another turn in life.  After long years  of parenting three kids through elementary, middle, high school and college, in couple of days we will face the new challenge of being empty nesters.  My youngest son and daughter is leaving home for their universities.  Though they will surely be visiting during breaks, based on the experience with our eldest son, life is not going to be the same.  All these years of gentle nudging, shouting, outright threatening, bribing and ultimately giving up in despair is about to be over.  In a few days the house will be silent.  I think I am afraid of that silence.  But is there any point resisting the wind of change?  Better to accept and embrace and move forward.

On a positive side, from next week I may have some more time at my disposal to write.  I am hoping the wind of change will be positive for all of us. With that hope, my choice for the word starting with “W” for my poem for week thirty three of my fifty two weeks journey with the letter “W” is wind of change .

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Wednesday: Week 17 of My Fifty Two Weeks Journey with “W”

Only an hour and forty five minutes before Wednesday is over and I have not even started writing anything for Write Anything Wednesday.  Neither I have thought of a word starting with the letter “W” for my poem for week 17 of my fifty two weeks of journey with “W”. So I will have to take an easy way out today. No more searching for words with “W” when Wednesday, or to be more precise the end of Wednesday, is staring at my face. So Wednesday it is. But how to write a poem starting with Wednesday. I am not a songwriter or lyricist to write about Manic Monday.  Shall I write about a wonderful Wednesday.  Just hoping that I do not make a fool out of myself.  Fearing this, I was thinking of being a Weekend Warrior, but looks like it is not working.  I need to figure out a way of managing my time better so that I can finish this post and poem in time every Wednesday for the next thirtyfive weeks.  Enjoying this challenge. This is much less stressful than work.

Now to write a poem starting with Wednesday and hope it is done by next hour and half.

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