One-Liner Wednesday – Excuses

This post is in response to Linda’s  #1OneLinerWednesday.

Excuses are free to give but cost the giver dearly as time goes by.


Within each one of us

Within each one of us
Buried deep under
Lurks an unknown
Not to be disturbed
Let Mr. Hyde sleep
To preserve our
Veneer of civility
World is better off
Without our inhumanity
Burdening it with
Collective insanity

Peak Unsummited

Excellence unattained,
Excuses, excuses,
Lower the bar,
Lower the bar again.
When finally jump over
The lowered bar,
Peak unsummited
Looks down.
Sunk in self pity,
Rising frustration,
Life miserable.
Better to fail trying
Then daily dose of death.
One can con the world,
But lying to self?
Need to live
In a world
Without mirrors.
Perfection mirage,
Pursuit praiseworthy.

Life Backward

Photo from Pixabay

A poem written in a lighter vein. No hidden messages.

Morning started with the aim to move forward,
Opened my cell phone and started whatsapp.
Floodgates opened with messages forwarded,
Everyone seems to be in a rush to share and educate,
What a treasure trove of repeats, must be weekend,
Decisions, decisions, to read or to be deleted.
Before I knew it hours passed reclining in bed,
Sore thumbs and nature’s call made me sad.
Oh, why did I open whatsapp, my bad.
Goal of moving forward, messages forwarded hijacked.

Marching Song of the Sloths

This poem started as a tongue in cheek comment to a post Turning by  Ritu Bhathal(butismileanyway) yesterday. She was kind enough to respond back with two smiling emojis (two of them, not one, just think of it), so I thought why not post the comment as a poem in my blog.  I decided to sleep on it and before I knew Thursday turned to Friday.  Before we go to the weekend, here it is.

A mountain far away,
Distant fire on a
Cold winter’s night,
Pursue at your own peril,
They recede as you approach,
So heed the wise,
Why leave the comfort
Of a warm bed?
Nike is not going to pay you
To just do it😊

Poison ivy : RonovanWrites Weekly Haiku Poetry Prompt Challenge # 217 Poison & Past

This post is in response to Ronovan’s Weekly Haiku Challenge .

Poison Ivy on the variant cover of Batman vol. 3, #26 (September 2017). Art by Joshua Middleton.

Variant cover of Batman vol. 3, #26 (Sept. 2017)
Art by Joshua Middleton(from Wikipedia)

Poison ivy she
Alluring beauty seduced
Peace now in my past