A country morally bankrupt,
Making it difficult for parents
To bring up their child
As citizens morally upright,
Where the teaching from the top is,
It pays to have friends in places of power,
You can lie to the authorities
As much as you want,
And still can be pardoned,
And go scott free,

What can one say when one can recant and be born again. To make mistake is human,to forgive is divine, unless one is of wrong color of the skin or from a lower class in society. Then one is looking at the wrong side of the barrel of the gun.

A world gone mad

Heart is heavy

Fingers stiff

Words left me

Numb with pain

As pundits debate

It people who kills

Not soul less guns

For scores it is

Irrelevant now

They will not hear

Nor see

As their blood

Is cleaned

Their blood wiil

Not stain the hands of those

Nor their souls

As they immerse on

Sending their heartfelt sympathy

To those whose hearts will not heal

Deep are the holes

Left by the absence of their

Loved ones

As instigators

Discuss animately about the skill of

Putting the eighteenth hole

Some one somewhere may be plotting

Mayhem, to riddle the chest

Of innocents

With bullet holes

And the saints will march in

Singing the virtues of

The second ammendmant

And defend the sacrosanct rights

Of those who pick up the guns

After all, it’s people who kill

Not the guns

Rest in peace dear departed

May be what comes next

Is better than

This world gone mad

Blood on their Hands

Behind the hearty laughter
Lurked depression sinister
As everyone looks for an answer
After the terrible disaster
What were the missed signs
Was this part of a design
There would be a moment of silence
As authorities practice the ritual dance
Debating where to put the blame
As if this one, like others, just a game
Do not blame the weapons, it’s the person
Weapons are fine, even in hands of little one
They need to learn how to shoot a gun
Hunting deer or duck with AR15 is fun
Looking for a way to curb automatic weapons
Stooges and lackeys are afraid of NRA’s venom
Lip service aplenty they will provide
As another group of kids lose their lives
All hail to second amendment, constitution is sacrosanct
Money talks, as politicians hide with blood on their hands

Opportunity: RonovanWrites Weekly Haiku Poetry Prompt Challenge #192:

In response to Ronovan’s weekly haiku challenge prompt Slim & Chance

Slim chance one opens the door
When it comes knocking

What gun control law
Legislators scared of NRA
Very slim chance