Hope and Stay : RonovanWrites Weekly Haiku Poetry Prompt Challenge #162

Hope everlasting
Keeps us alive and kicking
Stay away morons

Audacity sure
Hope extremely contagious
Stayed eight long good years

Hope dark cloud goes soon
Megalomaniac leaves
Destructive stay ends



Lady of the Night: Weekly Haiku Poetry Prompt Challenge #161 Painted & Lady

Vibrant butterfly
Nature’s dainty painting shines
She will be lady

Lady in waiting
Men’s loathsome  lust kill her dreams
Painted the town red

Darkness now reigns her life
Painted face hides scars of lust
Lady of the night

Ronovan’s weekly Haiku Poetry Prompt Challenge : Painted & Lady


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My post for the haiku today is a take on Ritu’s(butismileanyway) third post today .

The final, a little ‘something else’…




A warmth deep inside
The feeling colours my cheeks
Imminent release

Ritu 2017

Nirvana at last
Heavenly warmth does linger
Colors draining out