Say no to your destiny

How do you not say no to your destiny

And not find your own path,if any

Mark your own place in this world

To have your say you must be bold

Follow your destiny and bid your time

Soon you be old and time to say good by

So roll up your sleeves and put shoulders to the wheel

It won’t be easy but satisfaction you will feel

A path not marked by destiny for you to follow

Dangers will be plenty but life will not be hollow

You may fail or you may soar

But go ahead and explore without fear

You are the man to make your own destiny

You will mark your own time and place, no doubt, not any

So go ahead and say no to your destiny

Life Grants Me a Wish

If life ever grants me a wish
Ask and you shall get
Without any precondition
One and only one wish
Grant me a life to
share and share well
A life that I can
Live to the fullest
Without leaving a footprint
And when the time comes
To leave
The satisfaction
Of beholding a smile
On every face
Surrounding me